Yet another geek blog

Woke up today thinking I should start a new blog. Somewhere between home and office I decided today is the day. Don’t ask why. I’ve started countless blogs already that I’m sick of explaining myself. But I will try nevertheless.

Perhaps it’s because I’m such a sucker for superhero shit lately that I want a new blog that will mirror that. Take the past few days for example: I bought the DC graphic novel Identity Crisis, scored Nova and Wolverine toys (Marvel Superhero Mashers edition, by Hasbro), watched Doctor Strange (laptop) and Logan (cinema), and stayed up late reading comics. I figured, Wouldn’t it be nice if I have a blog where I can write about the joys of these things? Sadly, these stuff would look awkward and misplaced in my other blogs, which are gathering internet dust anyway. So today I woke up with a hard-on for a new blog. The rest, as the clichè goes, is history.


Comic books are sexy

But this will not be an exclusive thing. As I am as passionate about films and music and books as I am with comic book superheroes, I will write about them as well, and with equal ardor since they provide solace in my hamster-like existence (I didn’t call this blog “Escape Routes” for nothing). Stuff about travel and family life and biking will also find their way here, from time to time. Ditto with politics and current events and other serious shit, but I’ll try to minimize them, lest I make enemies.

So there. Another “first entry” explaining a new blog. Hope this will be it. Fingers crossed and all that.


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