About Logan

OldManLoganPart curiosity and part Logan hangover, I started reading Wolverine: Old Man Logan this morning. Got only as far as issue #2, though, as I had to haul ass for work. But it’s shaping up to be a good read, and I can’t wait for my quiet time tonight, after work, in bed, to read the rest, perhaps with Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Beethoven’s Last Night, my flavor-of-the month album, playing in the background.

About the movie: I’m glad to have watched it on the first weekend of its showing. Now everybody’s talking about it, particularly on how it made them cry or feel cold inside, and how it’s “not just an ordinary superhero movie,” and for once I am not lost in the conversation. A wage slave on weekdays and a —uhurm— devoted family man on weekends, I seldom have time to watch movies in cinemas. Usually I’d just wait for a good copy to be available on torrent, then I’ll just download it, and then watch it on my laptop (as was the case with Doctor Strange). Of the 100 movies I saw last year, only about three of them were in cinemas. For Logan I really pushed for a cinema experience, and fortunately was granted hall pass by the lady of the house who, unfortunately, only has a passing interest in superhero films.

So there. I’m actually at work, and things-to-do are starting to pile up now…


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