A (kinda lengthy) quickie

Time check: 1 a.m. Hello, weekend. Lashing out a quickie here before I plunged into whatever it is I can still do at this hour of night and in this state of part weariness, part agitation, and part caffeine jolt. Choices: read Death: The High Cost of Living, or watch episode 5 of Powerless, or sit and smile in the dark and wait for sleep to come.


Terrible time to commute this morning if you were passing by Marcos Highway. A dump truck smashed into an LRT post and it resulted in the closure of two of the three westbound lanes to traffic. The gridlock it caused was one for the books. The van I rode had to reroute all the way to Floodway to reach the LRT Santolan station. What was supposed to be a 30-minute drive became a two-hour slogfest. I was late for work for about an hour.

But a guy died in the accident, so my misery is nothing compared to what his loved ones are currently going through (his wife is two months pregnant, according to reports. Shit). Message to self: Let that sink in, bub.

Wish I could drag the girls to watch Kong: Skull Island this weekend. I don’t think the kiddo digs it, though. But will still ask. Beg if I must.

Will be in Pinagbuhatan, San Juan, tonight to pay last respects to a deceased uncle.

And with that, I sign off for the day and, also, the week.


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