On Kong & Kim Domingo’s legs


Kong: Skull Island, the new blockbuster featuring huge-ass monsters, a mysterious island, and a bunch of slumming A-list actors, is actually pretty good. I mean, as most monster movies go, it’s fun, it’s dumb, it’s for the family. And I’m glad I got to watch it with mine over the weekend.

It was a busy weekend. Aside from the movie, there was also a morning bike ride on Saturday, a trip to San Juan to attend an uncle’s wake on Saturday night, and a visit to Rainbow Magical Land, the newly opened theme park in our city, on late Sunday afternoon. Indeed, it was a healthy mix of me-time and family time .


Indeed, so busy I was juggling these over the past two days that I hardly touched a comic book, a book and the laptop — a first in recent memory.

And now it’s Monday, back to work, and the first thing I saw upon entering our office building was Kim Domingo’s legs. My two cents: They’re actually prettier in pictures.


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