Yesterday & today

Wasn’t able to blog yesterday. Work, as usual, kept me busy. For three or so hours I had to listen to lawyers and justices prattle on about the Constitution and Leila de Lima — an ordeal that turned my brain into mush come punch-out time. At home I steered clear of the laptop to give my eyes some rest, and opted to lift some weights instead to bust out steam. Background music was provided by Turbowolf.


Afterward, I read some pages of Redlaw: Red Eye by James Lovegrove (what a name! I have to check Google to see that he’s not a porn star). Interesting read: it has vampires, paramilitary forces, and oodles of action. Plenty of gore, too. And snow. Lots of snow. The story screams for a big-buck Hollywood treatment, with perhaps Tom Hardy as John Redlaw, the protagonist. It’d be awesome in 3D, methinks.


And now it’s Wednesday night, and I just got off work (which was likewise busy, but at least I didn’t have to deal with words like corpus delicti), and I’m about to chill with a Legion episode. ‘Til then…


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