Aurora Borealis in my mind

It’s fascinating to note that, on the second day of my feeling gloomy and shit, videos of the Aurora Borealis from places not the Philippines were popping up on my Facebook wall. It’s like the cosmos was trying to tell me to chill, there’s more to life than dealing with assholes.

Northern Lights in Wiseman, Alaska

I really wish I could experience Aurora Borealis. It’s one of the few things I wish to see before I check out from this world. Heck, I even have the perfect music for it — Santa Cruz’s On the Shore — stashed in my phone, just in case the moment comes and there’s no WiFi. Why that jam? One weekend afternoon last year I napped listening to Cafe del Mar Volumen Quince, and dreamed about the northern lights while that song was playing (could hear it loud and clear from behind the wall of sleep). It was probably the most pleasant dream I had in my 38 years, so pleasant that when I woke up I felt instantly lonely — the heart-crushing kind of loneliness — and for a moment had a hard time believing it was all a dream. It was strange. The aftertaste lasted for days.

Remembering that dream now, I could only sigh in resignation…


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