Today in comics: House of M


Indeed. As any comic geek would attest, crossovers rule. In high school I read the six-issue Infinity Gauntlet, and was floored by it. Last year, as someone rediscovering this whole comic book/graphic novel/superhero scene, I had a blast reading Civil War, after getting blown away by the movie version. It’s always exciting every time a character from one series would appear in another. Even better when it’s entire teams joining forces, like in this case, the X-Men meeting the Avengers.

I wanted something like that today. A major crossover. One that involves a lot a characters, a big story, and a twist that’d make me go, WTF! (As I write this, I’m on issue #3 of 8.)

Why not? I’m on VL tomorrow, Friday, which means a three-day weekend for me, yes, a sweet reward for a rotten work week, and I need big action and a WTF moment to set the mood right. ‘Til then…


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