The Walking Dead for breakfast


Got up at 5:30 a.m. today to allow me some zombie fun before heading to work. Glad that the latest episode is good, as it sets the stage for next week’s hopefully epic season finale. Fingers crossed it’ll be a blast, after what seems to me a pretty mediocre Season 7 run. Sure, Negan is bad-ass, and two important characters got offed in the first episode, and that got the internet buzzing and weeping for weeks, but that was that. The rest of the episodes were decidedly ho-hum affairs.

A lot of my friends have actually given up on The Walking Dead way before Season 7. They say even zombies get boring after a while. Others claim they got tired of the endless chase and the many characters coming and going. The more erudite ones talk about how longform horror, with a notable exception of Hannibal, does not work. But to me TWD is like junk food: I don’t get anything from it except cheap thrills, but I can’t seem to peel myself off it. I’m still interested enough, obviously, to drag myself out of bed early on a fine Wednesday morning, just so I could catch an episode before I hightail it to the office.


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