My two cents: Iron Fist


Online reviews on how bad Iron Fist is are dime-a-dozen. So much so that those who do not share the opinion may feel like a freak. I know I felt like one when I told friends that, in spite of its flaws, this series is still watchable, and I was met with raised eyebrows. But “watchable” is the best I could come up with to describe this new Netflix show, and that’s not exactly high praise. Major beef: the fight scenes.


Iron Fist fight scenes: uninspired

For a series that has a main character described as a “living weapon,” the fight scenes in Iron Fist are notably short, uninspired, and terribly lacking in intensity. They don’t look under-rehearsed, they look like rehearsals, actually. However, thanks to Bakuto, Davos and Colleen Wing, who is as beautiful as she is deadly, we still get to see some serious ass-kicking here. But those are in the later episodes, and if I were to consider the negative reviews, only a handful of viewers are tuned in by that time. Many seem to opt out midway into the series.


Colleen Wing: serious ass-kicker

Indeed, in order to fully enjoy Iron Fist, you have to plod through a number of slow episodes that could test your patience. At first, you’ll feel like you’re watching a Wall Street drama instead of an action superhero series (only with a kung fu freak there upsetting everybody). But wait ’til you get to Episode 8 and your patience will be rewarded. The meat of the series is actually on the last five episodes. It is when the pace picks up speed, the fight scenes become better, and Danny Rand/Iron Fist starts showing some fangs. And there’s also an interesting cliffhanger that hints of a promising Season 2. All in all, Iron Fist is not as bad as many reviews may lead you to believe. Me, I’ve no regrets giving it a whirl.

Like the rest, I am now ready for The Defenders.


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