Geek trumps metalhead

My Saturday looks loaded with activities. So loaded I have to drop one of them. With the heaviest of heart, I think I have to forego this year’s Pulp Summer Slam featuring Megadeth and Dragonforce (along with other foreign metal bands, but I only care about Megadeth and Dragonforce).


I have my reasons. The concert will be held on the night where I’ve to drop by several places in the day, and commuting from one place to another under the kind of humidity we’re having these days will surely leave my 38-year-old carcass too tired to mosh and drink and go crazy in the evening. There was a time when I would pay no mind to exhaustion in the name of heavy metal, but that was a long time ago. These days I’m all for quiet evenings especially after a long, tiring day.

Growing old, man. It sucks!

But what my Saturday may lack in head-crushing music, it will make up for in geekery. Two things: TAGCOM’s Toys and Hobbies Convention 2017 at SM Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall, and afterward a trip to the cinema for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Best thing about these two is, unlike in Pulp Summer Slam, I will be with my girls. It’s as much bonding with my family as indulging in my hobby.


To chill at night I may crack open a couple of cold ones and watch either Daredevil Season 2 or another movie (got my eyes on Assassin’s Creed). All along, I will try to ignore the fact that at Amoranto Stadium, some of my friends, beer in hand, are banging their heads to “Tornado of Souls.”


Playing SuperDad


Yesterday I played SuperDad to my little girl.

What was supposed to be a quiet time at home with my seven-year-old daughter turned out to be the most nerve-wracking day of the year for me. We were chilling in front of the TV post-lunch when it happened. I remember trying to doze off and noticing her leaving my side, then — BAM! — a loud crash from the bathroom. Chaos ensued: a bleeding head, a lot of panic-stricken movements, a mad dash to the hospital emergency room in the middle of a scorching afternoon.

It was insane.

But, long story short, everything turned out copacetic in the end. The CT scan came back clean, and we were allowed to go home albeit with a waiver (doctors recommended 24-hour admission, citing “protocol” for kid patients). My daughter didn’t suffer nausea or headache overnight, and actually slept well considering what had just happened. And for that I look forward to a restful weekend with my favorite TV series, comics, and American Gods.

Today in comics: Punisher: Mother Russia

Life goes on, I guess. Whatever this is that afflicted me — the blues, depression, hormonal imbalance — is something I hope to snap out of soon. For the meantime I’ll strive to keep my head above water, so to speak. Fingers crossed my VL on Thursday will kill this gloom bug that seems to have penetrated my system. Argh!

Meanwhile, I continue to live and breathe comics. For today it’s Punisher MAX: Mother Russia.


It’s the third Punisher MAX I’ve read since last week, after In the Beginning and Kitchen Irish. All are part of the 60-issue Punisher run that was penned by Garth Ennis, the dude behind the Preacher comics series. Basically it’s Punisher punishing gangsters, terrorists, shadowy government agents and other such violent men (as opposed to “super villains” with super powers). Reading the series in anticipation of the Punisher TV series that, according to the grapevine, will soon come out of Netflix.

Which reminds me I’ve yet to catch Daredevil Season 2.

Monday morning blues


Feeling kinda low since yesterday, the last day of my long weekend. It was the thought of coming back to work after four days of chilling at home, thinking about nothing, being surrounded by people I care about the most. It didn’t help that yesterday was rainy as fuck. No matter what I did to cheer myself up — alternately reading American Gods and Punisher MAX: Kitchen Irish and watching Constantine, even going to the mall with my family — my mood stayed in the dumps. Slept early last night thinking a proper eight-hour sleep would do the trick. But this morning I woke up not feeling any better emotionally. My movement was sluggish. Prepping for work took longer than it used to. And then I had to face the inevitable: work.

Indeed. Some stuff you can’t avoid in life: death, taxes and gloomy Monday mornings.

Upcoming treats


Cate Blanchett as Hela — one of many highlights of the two-minute trailer of Thor: Ragnarok that was released last night and is currently whipping up excitement among superhero freaks across cyberspace. Some point to Thor vs. Hulk as the ultimate highlight, but to me it’s Cate as Hela blasting apart the Mjölnir. Yes! Margot Robbie as bubble gum-popping, baseball bat-wielding Harley Quinn is so last year.

And yes, November can’t come soon enough. That’s also the month Justice League will hit the theaters (the two films will be a week apart). By that time, the second season of Stranger Things will already be available for streaming on Netflix. I see a lot of satisfied, well-fed geeks come Christmastime. Provided, of course, that these shows won’t suck.

The road to November is not actually without treats. In the big screen, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be out in May, Wonder Woman in June, and Spider-Man: Homecoming in July.  On TV there’ll be a new Fargo season, American Gods and Silicon Valley this month, Game of Thrones Season 8 in July, and The Defenders in August. There are also reports of a Punisher series coming out on Netflix this year. So, yeah, treats.

What a solid year for escapism 2017 is turning out to be.