My two cents: The Walking Dead

… or how Sasha saved the latest season from Shitsville.

I will not beat around the bush: I love the Season 7 finale! And the critics seem to dig it as well. The consensus seems to be that it’s a whooping comeback from a lackluster season that saw the show’s ratings dropping to its lowest in five years. As a viewer who endured one sluggish episode after another (including some that were downright shitty), it’s nice to be rewarded for my torment. That awesome finale ensured that I’ll still be on board the zombie train come Season 8.


What I like best about the season finale was the grand exit the writers gave Sasha, a character I didn’t really care about until she stumbled out of that damn coffin and gave Negan the freakout of his life, thus giving Rick and his posse the distraction they needed to launch a counterattack. I thought that scene of self-sacrifice was expertly done. Ditto the scene leading to it — Sasha, closed up and looking unusually calm, listening to a sad song on an iPod, reminiscing about her last moments with Abraham who, as we all know, met the business end of Negan’s baseball bat during the season’s pilot episode. With her last-minute act, Sasha jumped from a second-tier character to the show’s ultimate heroine.

Having said that, however, I could do without Maggie’s monologue that punctuated the episode and the season as a whole.

So there.


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