Beer, babe, and Constantine

Friday night the wifey and I found ourselves closing the workweek at Fred’s Revolucion in hipster-rich Cubao Expo in Quezon City. Weirdo workmates and the sorely missed grunge heydays dominated the conversation over strong beer and a delicacy called dinakdakan. Background music was a vicious war between piped-in 90’s alt-rock and dudes playing acoustic sets in an adjacent watering hole. It was fun and liberating — we felt like we were in our 20’s again, just starting on this weird phase called “adult life. ”

The next day, Saturday, we woke up sluggish — hangover and the heat reminding us that we are no longer in our 20’s. Oh, well…


So, except for a visit to the dentist, I spent the weekend at home napping and trying to regain my energy. For entertainment I watched the first five episodes of the ill-fated Constantine TV series (cancelled by NBC after only one season — oh the humanity!). Not Legion-level great, but it has its appeal, especially if you dig the DC Vertigo series from which it is based. And Matt Ryan really slays as the occult hero John Constantine.


I also watched Split, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller starring James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy, which is good, and read Fight Club 2 the graphic novel, which is gritty and weird and full of surprises. Limited time, however, prevented me from watching the latest Wrestlemania. I simply did not have the five hours needed for it.

Now it’s Monday, start of another workweek, but this one will be two days short, thanks to the Holy Week tradition among Catholics. Although I still have to clock in my nine hours on Maundy Thursday, it will be from home, so no hassle there. Perhaps I can now find time to watch Wrestlemania 33, check out the Undertaker’s last appearance, and get all nostalgic and shit. Yes, back when I could handle heat and hangover with flair.


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