Today in comics: Punisher: Mother Russia

Life goes on, I guess. Whatever this is that afflicted me — the blues, depression, hormonal imbalance — is something I hope to snap out of soon. For the meantime I’ll strive to keep my head above water, so to speak. Fingers crossed my VL on Thursday will kill this gloom bug that seems to have penetrated my system. Argh!

Meanwhile, I continue to live and breathe comics. For today it’s Punisher MAX: Mother Russia.


It’s the third Punisher MAX I’ve read since last week, after In the Beginning and Kitchen Irish. All are part of the 60-issue Punisher run that was penned by Garth Ennis, the dude behind the Preacher comics series. Basically it’s Punisher punishing gangsters, terrorists, shadowy government agents and other such violent men (as opposed to “super villains” with super powers). Reading the series in anticipation of the Punisher TV series that, according to the grapevine, will soon come out of Netflix.

Which reminds me I’ve yet to catch Daredevil Season 2.


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