All hail King

Imagine: Hollywood suits huddled in an office, talking about the next possible hit movie/TV series. Since no one wants to gamble on fresh ideas anymore, somebody suggests sequels and prequels. Either that, he says, or the safer route — reboots. Old story, new technology. Why not? Money in the bank, he says. Murmurs of agreement, dollar signs for eyeballs. In the discussion, a name is mentioned: Stephen King.

This scenario flashed in my mind when I read about the Firestarter reboot that is reportedly in the drawing stage. Wow. And here I am excited as hell for the It movie remake, for the Dark Towers miniseries, and The Mist TV series that are coming my way this year, not to mention the Revival movie that is reportedly in the works. Wow. Just wow. Big Stephen King fan here, man.


Meanwhile, speaking of favorite authors, I finished re-reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods this morning, so now I’m ready for the TV series, which just aired its pilot episode last night to good reviews. With Brian Fuller producing, I know the show’s in good hands.


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