My two cents: Assassin’s Creed


It was a Saturday night and I had two choices: I could either watch Alien: Covenant in a nearby mall, or stay at home and check out one of the dozens of movies waiting to be watched in my laptop. A check on my wallet (it was the weekend before payday) made me ditch the first option. Hence, Assassin’s Creed.

I know. Assassin’s Creed over Alien: Covenant? Sue me.

Films based on video games seem to me to be a losing proposition. Outside of hardcore gamers and bored bloggers on Saturday night, I can’t think of anybody who has more than a passing interest in them. Oftentimes also, these films get thrashed by critics. Though I find Assassin’s Creed — about a street thug who, with the help of modern technology, lives out the life of his assassin ancestor to fight an ancient war — quite enjoyable, in a genre that is difficult to take seriously, that’s not saying much.

But I got to give it to director Justin Kurzel, Michael Fassbender (who is also among the producers), and Marion Cotillard. Even on a small screen, I couldn’t help but feel the enthusiasm of these three in proving the naysayers of the genre wrong, or at least make Assassin’s Creed stand above the herd of bleeding epic failures. Their heart made the film kind of work. Emphasis on “kind of,” because in the end, even if it’s fun to look at, I don’t think Assassin’s Creed is enough to break the mold of video game movies.


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