Chris Cornell, 1964 – 2017


Almost 24 hours have gone by and I am still reeling from yesterday’s bad news. It was sad to learn about Chris Cornell’s death at age 52, but to find out later that it was a case of suicide was just plane depressing. Jesus! What is it with these Seattle grunge vocalists and tragic death? Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley… and now Cornell. (Scott Weiland too, although he’s from San Diego.) Someone should ensure Eddie Vedder is sane and sober 24/7…

Almost 24 have gone by and my Facebook wall is still a virtual Chris Cornell memory altar. Pictures, videos, news reports. Here and there are personal tributes. Powerful one-liners about pain and loss, about music and legacy. Outsiders will never understand, but this is something personal, not only to us 90s kids but to others as well who, in one way or another, were touched by Chris Cornell’s music.

What can I say? Depression is a bitch. If only we can save our heroes the same way they save us through their arts.


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