Changing seasons blues

Slept past 3 a.m. last night monitoring the ugly goings-on in Marawi City, a southern Philippine city besieged by armed supporters of ISIS, and now I’m feeling it. I’m drinking Cobra Energy Drink with hopes that it will sustain me for the day’s nine-hour grind. Now that martial law has been declared in Mindanao, I see a long, busy shift. It doesn’t help that it was raining when I left the house this morning. Can’t help but feel dead.

With June around the corner, so is the rainy season, and with it, the blues.


I’ve never been fond of June. It’s the month when school opens here in the Philippines. And since my student life had been anything but happy (generally speaking), June was naturally a difficult month to deal with. I remember every time May rolled in, I’d start to have this sick feeling in my gut like everything was about to come to a tragic end. As June approached, friends and family would note my long bouts of silence, and would question why I seem to sigh a lot. For some reason, more than a decade after finishing school, rains in May still have that power to bring back that kind of weird despondency in me, and I’m helpless to shake it off. To nurse it, I listen to Owen’s At Home with Owen or Tom Waits’ Closing Time. I figure if you can’t beat it, at least give it a nice soundtrack.

Okay. Back to the grind…


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