A night at Canyon Cove

Trying my hand at a little travel blogging here. Why not?

See, the past weekend had been epic. Me and the girls finally had our little end-of-summer vacation, a one-night stay at Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa, a beachfront resort in Nasugbu, Batangas. It was memorable because it was the kiddo’s first experience with the ocean, and mine as well, admittedly, after over a decade of daydreaming about it. Yes, in the day and age of “piso fares” and cheap travel packages, it took me that long to drag myself to the beach. Sue me!


Anyway, we arrived at Canyon Cove on a cloudy Sunday afternoon after a hassle-free commute by bus from Pasay City. There was a small crowd at the lobby — families checking in and checking out. We fell in line. We had pre-booked the whole thing so it was just a matter of confirming it at the admission desk. While waiting for our key card we decided to have our late lunch at Island Cafe, the place’s in-house resto. There are online reviews out there complaining about how overpriced the food in Canyon Cove is. Bullcrap, I thought. At least at Island Cafe, the price was reasonable, not very different from what you’ll pay at Savory or Max’s or Gerry’s Grill. Food was not bad, also. The only overpriced thing there was the mineral water: P40 for a bottle that was worth less than P20 outside. But that’s from the popcorn stall near the pool.


We stayed at a Superior Room, which was ideal for two adults and up to two kids aged 12 years and below. Priced at P5,800 a night, it was a fine room, with two beds, AC system, cable TV, a functioning refrigerator, and a balcony overlooking the beach where you can sit at night listening to the waves and crickets and staring at the lights of faraway towns.


After a couple of minutes of resting and soaking up our room, we were off running to the pool, and then later on, the beach. It was unfortunate that low-lying rain clouds robbed us of a sunset view, but at least it didn’t rain like in the past few days. That’d certainly kill the magic. Also, we’d look stupid enjoying the pool and the ocean under a downpour.


We enjoyed the water so much that crickets were already singing in their clandestine hideaways when we emerged from it. Dinner, a little bonding time at the balcony with the lights out to heighten the mood, and then, finally, bed.

Morning: complimentary breakfast, then back to the water. We only had until noon to enjoy the place, so we didn’t waste time. For some reason, the waves were bigger this time. My seven-year-old daughter enjoyed getting whipped by it. Seeing her having the time of her life as she rolled and tumbled with the surf filled me with so much joy that I wished our vacation would never end. Or at least not yet.

But then noon came and so was the inevitable: time go home.


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