Along came a spider

Been on a Spider-Man kick lately. It sort of just happened. I was thinking about the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie the other day, when I realized I haven’t seen the two previous Spider-Man movies, the ones with Andrew Garfield in them. I have a vague recollection of seeing parts of the first one, but that’s it. Can’t even remember if I saw it on a bus or on Cable TV. In any case, I intend to rectify that lapse pretty soon.


Hasbro’s Spider-Man Web Warriors Edition 2015 from my, uhurm, personal collection

For the meantime, I read Spider-Man comics. Finished the controversial One More Day the other day, and its equally controversial follow-up, One Moment in Time (gah! Whitney Houston in my head!), this morning. And then I amused myself by reading how both got thrashed by fans in the comments section of Goodreads and Amazon. Man, Joe Quesada really got flamed for those two, especially One More Day, you’d think he’s Donald Trump. Moral of the story: you don’t fuck with comic-book fans.


I’ve no dog in this fight. I’m not a longtime Spidey fan (he’s too wholesome!) and have no emotional investment whatsoever to the Peter Parker-Mary Jane Watson love affair. So One More Day did not really hit me as hard as it did avid readers. In fact, methinks if you remove it from the Spider-Man context, a story about a man who makes a pact with the Devil to sacrifice his marriage in order to save a loved one from the throes of death is not at all bad. It’s like something teenage Gothic freaks would sink their vampire fangs into. However, use that to get rid of the status quo and start fresh is, indeed, lazy writing, and smacks of insensitivity to the fans who followed Spider-Man’s story for decades. I give the critics that.


The weekend that was (6-19-17)


Ghostbusters-themed horror house: one of Enchanted Kingdom’s latest attractions

Wasn’t able to blog for a week — the longest stretch, I think, ever since I started this one, back in the saner days of March. What can I say? Last week had been brutal. Super heavy workload choked with legalese, and the start of the school year for the kiddo, which means it’s back to the daily 5 a.m. wake-up time for me and the wifey, no matter how late we got home from work the previous night (we both work mid-shift, and commute long distance, in a country with shitty transport system). Indeed, what my body needs now is 10 hours of quality sleep. Either that, or gallons of strong coffee.

Meanwhile, the weekend:


  • Went to Enchanted Kingdom with the girls for our office’s annual “family day.” Heat, humidity, crowd, overpriced grub, rides, shrieks, pricey souvenir items, late-afternoon rain, ankle-deep floods — and yet, strangely, it was fun.


  • Answered Father’s Day greetings on Facebook and in person
  • Dentist appointment + sidetrip to a furniture store looking for a cabinet for my toys and graphic novels
  • Hooked up with a friend who told me this freaky story about a community of cultists he and a friend stumbled upon while hiking in the remote boundaries of Tanay and Antipolo
  • Nap vs. Outcast marathon (nap won)
  • Grocery with the wifey
  • Late-night viewing: latest episodes of Fargo and American Gods

And now it’s Monday, and I really need that strong coffee…

My two cents: Wonder Woman


Essentially, it’s a chick flick. Only the protagonist is a swashbuckling Amazon warrior.

In Wonder Woman, DC Extended Universe’s latest caper, it’s obvious how proud the producers are with their star, Gal Gadot. There’s hardly a scene here where Gal — whether she’s in evening gown or in full Wonder Woman regalia — is not given the best shot, the best angle, the best light. Whether in a ball or in the trenches of war-torn Europe, she is effortlessly ravishing. I guess that’s how you parade your star.

And it works! Social media raves about Wonder Woman — and even some formal movie reviews — are practically Gal Gadot worship. Justly so: Gal now owns the Wonder Woman character the same way Robert Downey Jr. owns Tony Stark/Iron Mark. DCEU really hit a jackpot in her. And it’s nice to know that we’ll see her again in November in Justice League.


Gal Gadot may have made the movie’s flaws (too much slo-mo, a last-minute dip to cheese territory) seem insignificant, if not tolerable, but to say that the movie would’ve crashed without her would be unjust. Aside from casting Gal as Wonder Woman, another brilliant move was picking a female filmmaker in the person of Patty Jenkins to direct the film. She brings modesty and clarity to a genre where protagonists are often plagued with inner darkness or messianic complex, but without holding back on the action which — let’s face it — we expect loads of in a superhero movie like this.

Here’s to hoping Justice League will keep the DCEU momentum…

DC kind of weekend

Barring threats from terrorists and nut jobs with a proclivity for self-immolation, this weekend is going to be an awesome one for superhero and comic book freaks. The fun will be all centered on two DC characters: Batman and Wonder Woman.

For fans of the Caped Crusader, there will be a BatCon at ETON Centris Complex in Quezon City. Organizers describe it as the “inaugural Batman fan gathering event in the country” that will feature “a lot of local comic book artists, sellers, and people from the geek community” (cosplayers and fans of other characters are welcome as well). Items that will be on sale include comics, stickers and collectible toys.


Since I’m currently under the weather (flu), my attendance in BatCon is 50/50. However, what I won’t miss for the world this weekend is the Wonder Woman film now showing in theaters. Early reviews say it’s good, with some saying it’s the best DC flick since Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight in 2008So, wow. Also, the nearest cinema from my place will be showing it on 3D, so screw this flu, I’m gonna watch it come hell or ISIS!

Wonder Woman (2017)
Gal Gadot

And for those who can’t have enough of Wonder Woman or those who have nothing else to do on Sunday, Comic Odyssey will have a Wonder Woman Day in its Bonifacio Global City branch. Treats include freebies, discounts, raffles, artist meet-and-greets, costume and trivia contests. Though it looks like oodles of fun, I’ll have to take a pass on this on considering the distance of the venue and my current health condition. Yeah, bummer.

Unless, of course, Gal Gadot will be present. In that case, what flu? What distance?