My two cents: Wonder Woman


Essentially, it’s a chick flick. Only the protagonist is a swashbuckling Amazon warrior.

In Wonder Woman, DC Extended Universe’s latest caper, it’s obvious how proud the producers are with their star, Gal Gadot. There’s hardly a scene here where Gal — whether she’s in evening gown or in full Wonder Woman regalia — is not given the best shot, the best angle, the best light. Whether in a ball or in the trenches of war-torn Europe, she is effortlessly ravishing. I guess that’s how you parade your star.

And it works! Social media raves about Wonder Woman — and even some formal movie reviews — are practically Gal Gadot worship. Justly so: Gal now owns the Wonder Woman character the same way Robert Downey Jr. owns Tony Stark/Iron Mark. DCEU really hit a jackpot in her. And it’s nice to know that we’ll see her again in November in Justice League.


Gal Gadot may have made the movie’s flaws (too much slo-mo, a last-minute dip to cheese territory) seem insignificant, if not tolerable, but to say that the movie would’ve crashed without her would be unjust. Aside from casting Gal as Wonder Woman, another brilliant move was picking a female filmmaker in the person of Patty Jenkins to direct the film. She brings modesty and clarity to a genre where protagonists are often plagued with inner darkness or messianic complex, but without holding back on the action which — let’s face it — we expect loads of in a superhero movie like this.

Here’s to hoping Justice League will keep the DCEU momentum…


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