The weekend that was (6-19-17)


Ghostbusters-themed horror house: one of Enchanted Kingdom’s latest attractions

Wasn’t able to blog for a week — the longest stretch, I think, ever since I started this one, back in the saner days of March. What can I say? Last week had been brutal. Super heavy workload choked with legalese, and the start of the school year for the kiddo, which means it’s back to the daily 5 a.m. wake-up time for me and the wifey, no matter how late we got home from work the previous night (we both work mid-shift, and commute long distance, in a country with shitty transport system). Indeed, what my body needs now is 10 hours of quality sleep. Either that, or gallons of strong coffee.

Meanwhile, the weekend:


  • Went to Enchanted Kingdom with the girls for our office’s annual “family day.” Heat, humidity, crowd, overpriced grub, rides, shrieks, pricey souvenir items, late-afternoon rain, ankle-deep floods — and yet, strangely, it was fun.


  • Answered Father’s Day greetings on Facebook and in person
  • Dentist appointment + sidetrip to a furniture store looking for a cabinet for my toys and graphic novels
  • Hooked up with a friend who told me this freaky story about a community of cultists he and a friend stumbled upon while hiking in the remote boundaries of Tanay and Antipolo
  • Nap vs. Outcast marathon (nap won)
  • Grocery with the wifey
  • Late-night viewing: latest episodes of Fargo and American Gods

And now it’s Monday, and I really need that strong coffee…


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