Among the fishes: A night at Manila Ocean Park

Two big events I missed over the weekend: Pacquiao’s fight vs. Jeff Horn, and the three-day ToyCon 2017. I don’t care about the former, as I’m not really big into Pacquiao and boxing and “people’s champ” and all that jazz, but the latter? Man! Bad enough that I missed the chance to check out awesome toys and action figures, most of them sold at discounted prices, but the chance to gawk at Liza Soberano in person? Man. Oh, man…


But toys and the new Darna (the Philippines’ version of Wonder Woman) aside, my weekend had not been totally uneventful, as I spent it at H2O Hotel in Manila Ocean Park with my family, celebrating the kiddo’s 8th birthday. For the occasion, we picked an “aqua room,” which is like a typical hotel room but with a big-ass aquarium as wall. We preferred it over the “ocean view room” since we had something like that when we were in Batangas in late May.


At Manila Ocean Park, we checked out some of the attractions the place has to offer, among them the Oceanarium (fish galore, and a lot of blue), the Barnyard (rabbits, rodents, etc), the Birdhouse (well, duh), the Sharks and Rays Encounter, the Jellies Exhibit (jellyfish galore, and more blue to warm the heart), the Sea Lion Show, and the dazzling Symphony Evening Show, which capped of our Saturday night in a merry dance of light and music and water fountains shooting up to several meters high.


Then there was Yexel’s Toy Museum, just one of the three toy museums of Yexel Sebastian, a renowned Filipino collector who, according to Wikipedia, owns over 10,000 toys and over 300 lifesize statutes, including various Iron Man armors that were on display at Manila Oceans Park. Fans of Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Cinderella, and the movie Up can have their fix at this particular museum.


All in all, it was a memorable experience with the girls, and I don’t think I’d trade it for a dozen Marvel Legends figures (my brother, who went to ToyCon, scored me some, by the way). Still, it would’ve been nice seeing Liza Soberano in flesh.

*Liza Soberano photo from ABS-CBN


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