Marvel Legends


Scored a bunch of Marvel Legends action figures last week. Three, to be exact, at P700 each, down from P1,499. Hulk, Iron-Man, Hellcat — all part of what is known as the Thanos wave, so called because each contains a part of Thanos, and if you complete the set of six, you get to build a Thanos figure, and feel mighty high for the accomplishment. This is common knowledge among Marvel Legend collectors. But since I’m new into this game, I only learned about it last week.

Anyway, new Marvel Legends. Apparently, the Facebook buzz was no bullshit. Toy Kingdom was indeed selling Thanos wave characters (the three aforementioned characters, plus Captain America, Spider-Woman and Batroc) at 50% off. When I asked the salesperson in Toy Kingdom at SM Megamall why is that, he said because there’s just too many of these characters at their warehouse. I imagined forming a small army and raiding that warehouse, but dismissed the thought right away. I’m no hooligan for toys. At least not yet.

Too many of these action figures… but stocks quickly ran out. When my brother went to Toy Kingdom in Megamall hours after I made my purchase, he arrived to disappointment. Only Hellcat was available. I went there two days later, and they did not restock. On Facebook there was wild talk of hoarders. Argh! Such despicable creatures. More businessmen than collectors.

Meanwhile, I look forward to the next additions to my collection. Must save money first, though. Last week’s purchases kind of made a dent in my savings.


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